Tom Ford Marijuana Strain

Tom Ford Strain Information

Tom Ford is known for its potency, which typically ranges from 18% to upwards of 30% THC. This strain is a cross between two powerful Indicas, the popular OG Kush and the lesser-known Hindu Kush. The result is a strain that packs a strong punch, both in terms of its effects and its aroma. The buds of Tom Ford are dense and deep green, with orange and red hairs woven throughout. The high resin content means that the buds are sticky to the touch and emit a pungent, skunky smell that is recognizable to any cannabis lover.

The high from Tom Ford is heavily Indica-dominant, meaning it is best used at nighttime to unwind and relax. The onset of the high can be slow-moving and peaceful, gradually leading to a blissful, sedative state. With its powerful body high and cerebral effects, Tom Ford is an excellent choice for medicinal users who want to relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Tom Ford

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