Thai Marijuana Strain

Thai Strain Information

Thai weed has a potent, uplifting, and cerebral high when consumed, making it suitable for use in the daytime. The strain originated from the islands of Thailand and is a pure sativa strain. Thai buds have a fluffy and airy quality, and its colour is light green with orange hairs. Thai weed grows tall with long dense colas that produce a pungent aroma when they mature. This strain is infamous for its potency and unique look. It features a high THC content, ranging between 15-24 %, and is considered a high-potency strain.

The Thai strain is earthy, with hints of spices and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It has been described as refreshing and invigorating, leaving your taste buds tingling. It provides a potent burst of energy and can be uplifting, making it ideal for tasks that require creativity or focus. It is also used for medical purposes due to its uplifting, energizing, and pain-relieving properties.


Strain Aroma & Flavours

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