Odyssey Marijuana Strain

Odyssey Strain Information

The Odyssey strain, a hybrid strain, is a result of a crossbreed between two other strains named Cinderella 99 and Afghani strain. The Cinderella 99 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, while the Afghani strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. The combination of these two plants gives us the Odyssey strain, which comes with a wide range of effects and benefits. Over the years, breeders have experimented with various ratios of these strains to enhance the potency and effects of Odyssey strains. Odyssey strain aroma is earthy and piney, with a hint of sweetness. Some users also describe the aroma as similar to a freshly cut cucumber or wet soil. The flavor is similar to the aroma, and users might feel like they’re standing in the middle of a natural forest. The exhale has citrusy notes that complement the undertones of earthy and woody aromas. The flavor profile of Odyssey is one of the reasons users keep coming back for more.

Odyssey strain’s effects are typically balanced in nature, providing a relaxed body high with cerebral stimulation. The THC content in this strain ranges between 18-24%, making it a potent strain. Users have reported feeling a sense of euphoria, creativity, and the motivation to engage in creative and mundanity activities. The high is long-lasting and can be enjoyed anytime during the day. However, beginners are advised to go slow with this strain, as it can induce strong cerebral stimulation and a feeling of couch-lock. Odyssey strain is a great choice for medicinal users. The high THC content in this strain makes it useful in treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress.


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