Kill Bill Marijuana Strain

Kill Bill Strain Information

Kill Bill’s genetic lineage comes from crossing Killer Queen and Willy’s Wonder breeds. The result is a cannabis plant that has a stocky but tall stature with lime green leaves. The buds from Kill Bill come in a form of spade-shaped nugs with slight purple hues and a thick layer of trichomes that gives them a frosty, whitewash appearance. Kill Bill has a complicated terpene profile that unites various smells and tastes such as sweet, floral, spicy, and sour. With the delicate and sweet scent of lavender mixed with the tartness of lemons and limes, Kill Bill’s aroma is distinctive and unique. When it comes to flavors, the strain has a scrumptious and mouth-watering flavor profile, making it a hit among connoisseurs.

Kill Bill has gained immense popularity in the medical marijuana community because of its high CBD content and energetic high. This strain hits fast and provides an uplifting and euphoric feeling, making it ideal for those who are struggling with depression, stress, or anxiety. It is also perfect for those who need an energy boost to get through a busy day, as its high is long-lasting and provides users with an excellent focus. This hybrid has a high THC content, with an average of 18-25%. With that being said, new consumers or those sensitive to THC should use it moderately. As usual, it’s important to start slowly, and figure out your perfect high.

Kill Bill

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