Harry Potter Marijuana Strain

Harry Potter Strain Information

The highly rare Blissful Wizard and the potent Fire Alien Kush were crossed to produce Harry Potter, a 50/50 evenly balanced hybrid strain. Although its THC content has never been scientifically determined, people who swear by its effects believe it to be moderate (about 17%). A fantastic book to read to help with insomnia, ongoing tension or worry, or muscle spasms is Harry Potter. Fresh lemongrass and earthy kush aromas are complemented by a sweet lemony earth flavour. Harry Potter buds feature compact, mint-green nugs that resemble pebbles and are covered in a lot of dark-colored hairs and trichomes.

As expected, this strain delivers users with a calming body buzz that helps to ease pain and anxiety. It is said to have a strong sedative effect, making it ideal for patients who suffer from insomnia or seeking relief from stress. In some cases, Harry Potter can lead to an uplifting euphoria that will help keep your mood bright and make you feel content. Overall, Harry Potter is an excellent choice for those looking for a balanced hybrid with mild effects.

Harry Potter

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