God Bud Marijuana Strain

God Bud Strain Information

God Bud is a potent indica-dominant strain hailing from British Columbia. It’s no surprise that this strain has been around for over two decades, as it’s one of the most popular strains on the market. The dominant indica genes make it the go-to choice for people looking for ultimate relaxation, while the sativa genes in this strain are responsible for providing an energizing effect that stimulates creativity and happiness. This strain is famous for its dense, round buds covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes. The buds have dark green leaves with streaks of purple, making them even more attractive.

God Bud offers an incredible taste that is popular among cannabis connoisseurs. It has an earthy scent, sweet berry flavour, and undertones of a floral aroma. Its flavours are harmonized perfectly, making it an enjoyable smoking experience. As you exhale, you’ll notice a skunky scent with a hint of sweet berry, along with a herbal taste on your tongue. God Bud is a strain that’s famous for its potent effects that leave users feeling relaxed and euphoric. Its effects are slow to develop, but once it kicks in, your body will feel fully relaxed, and your mind will be at peace.

God Bud

Strain Aroma & Flavours

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