Ghost Rider Marijuana Strain

Ghost Rider Strain Information

Ghost Rider cannabis strain is known for its beautiful and visually appealing buds. The buds have a dense structure that appears frosty, covered in white trichomes. The Ghost Rider strain emanates a sweet aroma and is a blend of earthy, piney with a slight undertone of citrus. Once smoked, the flavor remains consistent, and the pine and earth taste is notable. The combination creates a unique and distinct taste profile.

Ghost Rider is known for its balanced effect on the body and mind. The strain has inherited the positive properties of both its parents, giving the user an energetic jolt of creativity while keeping them relaxed and happy. As it also has high THC levels, first-time users should be wary of their intake. Ghost Rider has various medical benefits such as pain relief, mood enhancement, anti-stress, anti-depression, and improved focus.

Ghost Rider

Strain Aroma & Flavours

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