Durban Poison Marijuana Strain

Durban Poison Strain Information

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain known for its distinctive sweet aroma that can only be compared to anise or licorice. The high of Durban Poison is notable for its cerebral and energizing effects, that provide a sense of euphoria, alertness, and enhanced creativity. It has a THC content of between 15% to 25%, making it one of the most potent strains on the market for recreational and medical purposes. The origins of Durban Poison go back decades and are deeply intertwined with the cultural and political history of South Africa. Durban Poison has a sweet and spicy aroma with notes of licorice and anise. The taste is described as earthy and herbal, similar to its smell. Its buds are long and skinny but have good density when you break them apart.

The unique characteristics of Durban Poison make it ideal for medical use as it can effectively treat a variety of physical and mental ailments. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and pain-relieving properties. It can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and migraines. Its cerebral effects also make it useful for treating attention deficit disorders, as it can help users focus better and stay alert. The growing process of Durban Poison is relatively easy, making it a popular strain for small and large-scale cultivators worldwide.

Durban Poison

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