Dark Side Of The Moon Marijuana Strain

Dark Side Of The Moon Strain Information

The Dark Side of the Moon cannabis is a cross between the popular strains Green Ribbon, and Spirit in the Sky. The THC content in this strain ranges from 19% to 24%, making it particularly potent. The high from Dark Side of the Moon typically creeps up on individuals, as it takes a while to fully take effect, lasting for hours. Many individuals report feeling a relaxed, sleepy high that helps to alleviate pain, stress, and muscular discomfort.

Furthermore, the flavor profile of this strain is appealing to individuals who love sweet, fruity flavors. The taste profile combines grape, blueberry, and other berry flavors, with woody, pine undertones. Visually, the buds are a combination of deep green and purple, with resinous trichomes that line the flowers. The Dark Side of the Moon is useful for various medical conditions. It’s an Indica-dominant strain, which makes it great for body aches, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. It’s particularly effective for muscle spasms, as its sedative effects can lead to full body relaxation. Individuals with PTSD, depression, and anxiety can also benefit from this strain due to its calming effects. It’s worth noting that the potency of Dark Side of the Moon may not be suitable for individuals who are new to smoking or using cannabis.

Dark Side Of The Moon

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