Black Cherry Punch Marijuana Strain

Black Cherry Punch Strain Information

Black Cherry Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie. The buds are often dark green in colour with purple hues, which is an indicator of the plant’s high anthocyanin concentration. When the buds of this strain are broken apart, they release an aroma that is a mixture of fruity and earthy scents that can be very appealing. This strain is known for its heavy body high that is coupled with cerebral stimulation, making it ideal for nighttime use. The effects are long-lasting, and it has a high THC content that typically ranges between 19-25%, making it suitable for experienced smokers.

Black Cherry Punch has a fruity and sweet aroma that matches its name. This strain is known for its delicious flavours of cherries and berries, along with a spicy hint of earthy undertones. The smoke is dense and can leave a sweet and spicy aftertaste on the palate. Because of this, Black Cherry Punch is a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts who love to indulge in sweet and fruity strains. Black Cherry Punch is also renowned for its potent effects and ability to provide total relaxation, making it great for those who are suffering from stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

Black Cherry Punch

Strain Aroma & Flavours

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